Keyboard Shortcuts with FCP’s Log and Transfer Tool

With more and more media being shot and delievered these days with tapeless media formats such as Panasonic’s P2 and Sony’s SxS, efficency with Final Cut Pro’s Log and Transfer tool is more valuable than ever.

In this video tutorial I’ll show you how to log and transfer all of your tapeless media using only keyboard shortcuts. Once your clips are loaded into the Log and Transfer window you’ll be able to log the entire batch without touching the mouse once. 

XDCam Import Plug-In for Final Cut Pro

If you’ve ever had to edit with the Sony XDCam format, you already know that the work flow can be a challenge, especially if you’re using Final Cut Pro. While the Panasonic P2/DVCPro HD format integrates very well with the Log and Transfer tool, XDCam has had many shortcomings. That is, until now. 

Sony recently released version 1.0 of their log and transfer plugin that works with both XDCam and the newer SxS solid state media cameras like the EX-1 and EX-3. 

Installation is very simple, and no restart is required except for relaunching Final Cut Pro. When you open the Log and Transfer tool, you won’t find anything visibly different, but when you select XDCam media, either from a hard drive or directly from a SxS card, the footage now loads, and you can log and transfer the same way that you can P2 footage. 

In limited testing, we have found it to work as expected. The only downside is that you can’t transcode the footage into another format during import. This would be a helpful feature since editing in the XDCam format less then ideal. But for now, we’re pretty excited to see Sony improving the workflow and look forward to future upgrades. 

You can find more information by visiting Sony



Video_TS Folder Tip, Follow up Demo

Since this tip appeared on the Digital Production Buzz podcast, there have been a few emails asking for more details, and a few people reporting that they can’t get it to work. To help iron out the details and hopefully solve some of the problems I have posted this quick screencast to demonstrate how it works. If you continue to have problems (or figure out a way to import the audio as well) please email me. Video after the jump.

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Edit DVD Files Directly in Final Cut Pro

Video TS

My friend Mike told me this was possible, but I didn’t believe it until I tried it myself.

We all know that FCP Studio 2 has that fancy Multi-Format timeline, allowing you to mix and match various codecs, frame sizes and frame rates. But did you realize that you can drag and drop a video TS folder directly into the timeline and actually play the video?

You can also drag and drop it into the browser window, and although you will get an error saying that the files were not recognized, you’ll end up with a folder with all of the .vob files. From there you can load them into the viewer and edit with them. Even the DVD menu items are available.

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From Cell Phone to Email, Free and Easy

I’ve always been a big fan of continuing education in whatever line of work you’re in. I think that especially applies to the media production industry. The pace that technology, formats, workflows, software and hardware are changing seems nearly impossible to keep up with at times. And it’s my feeling that if you’re not continuing to improve yourself and your skills, you’re not even as good as you were. You’re falling behind.

But enough preaching.

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