NTSC to Beyond HD – Watchout Screen

A few weeks back I started a post on editing for the Watchout system. Since then there has been small but steady progress.

While most of the modules are still in the planning stage, one module was basically being recycled from previous years. The Flag Module is a celebration of each of the 190 countries that are part of the Lions Clubs Organization. It consists of a parade of flags being presented live on stage, as well as a video module that plays in the background.

The video is normally redesigned and recreated roughly every 3 years, so that the cost of doing the video is spread out over time. The only problem is that last year we recycled the video from NTSC to HD, and this year we have to go from HD up to the Watchout Resolution of 3358 x 768. That’s super huge, and super wide.

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Recommended Reading: Starting Your Own Business?

Ten years ago starting your own post production business was a pretty big undertaking. Just the initial investment in equipment alone could set you back over $100K for a very modest setup. Add to that the cost of office space, the build out, office furniture and equipment and business insurance, and it was out of reach for all but the most well funded entrepreneurs.

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Editing for Watchout

A pretty good percentage of the projects I do are for business meetings or large conferences. For example, every year my company (Edit Creations) edits most of the videos that are played at the annual International Lions Club Convention. This summer it’s in Bangkok Thailand.

For playback on site, sometimes there is one large screen and other times there are 3 screens. The screens can be all be the same size, or they can be a mix (usually a large screen in the center and smaller side screens that are matched).

In the past when editing shows like this the budget would dictate if we were going to edit one program and just play it on all 3, or create 3 different masters that would be rolled in sync. Obviously the later is a lot more work but the payoff can be amazing when you see it all together.

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