Thomas Tomchak

In recent years I have gleaned an amazing amount of knowledge from many others in the field of video production, much through the internet. From forum posts to web reviews to personal and professional blogs, there is now an unlimited amount of information to anybody wanting to know more. Nearly all of it free!

Now that I’m in my 20th year of working in this field (something I hate to admit) I’ve realized that I just might have a few things to give back that might help others. I have become who I am in large part due to the many people along my path that have helped out. I’ve always been appreciative and there are some individuals from my first year in the business that I still think of from time to time, wondering how they might handle one situation or another.

So it is my hope that the things I share here help others in one way or another. As the movie title goes, I just want to Pay it Forward.

Tom Tomchak

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