Keyboard Shortcuts with FCP’s Log and Transfer Tool

With more and more media being shot and delievered these days with tapeless media formats such as Panasonic’s P2 and Sony’s SxS, efficency with Final Cut Pro’s Log and Transfer tool is more valuable than ever.

In this video tutorial I’ll show you how to log and transfer all of your tapeless media using only keyboard shortcuts. Once your clips are loaded into the Log and Transfer window you’ll be able to log the entire batch without touching the mouse once. 

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Jeff has always been captivated by film and video, so it was only natural that he would attend Columbia College Chicago. He graduated with top honors and began his career as an audio and robo-cam operator for World News Leader, CNN.


Following CNN, Jeff came back home to Chicago and found a position that truly expanded his creative abilities with an outdoor-travel television show. Jeff traveled all across North America--from Alaska to Mexico, capturing the beauty of nature through his lens.


In between those video shoots Jeff was honing his editing skills by assembling both long and short form corporate videos, broadcast television, commercials, and documentaries.


It was his amazing shooting and editing skills that brought Jeff to Edit Creation’s attention. He joined our team in 2008 as a videographer and editor. With 8 years of experience and hundreds of projects in his archive, Jeff is a welcome addition to our team. As a videographer he shoots to edit, seeing the world through his lens. And as an editor Jeff’s vision goes well beyond the screen, tapping into the soul of the project.

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  1. […] At this point loading, logging and transferring footage is the same is using P2 footage. Using the Sony FCP Logging plugin outlined in a previous SuiteTake post, the footage is loaded into the Log & Transfer window and clips are marked and labeled. As each clip is identified, it’s added to the import cue and converted to QT movies that FCP can edit with. The files you end up are basically MPEG-2 files wrapped into a .mov file. (For faster logging, check out our post on log and capture shortcuts.) […]

  2. this video is not working

  3. working on it. Not sure what happened.

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