Compressor Cluster Submit Problems, and Solution

When Compressor (part of FCP Studio) works, it works well. And when it doesn’t, it can be a really pain and waste of time trying to get things working again. For me it’s a true love/hate relationship.

Have you ever went to submit your batch compression only to find that you don’t have the option to submit it to anything?


When you try to click on the cluster as shown above, you don’t have the option to select the default “This Computer”, or anything else for that matter. If you just try to submit it anyway, you’ll get an error telling you to re-install Compressor. But don’t (at least not yet).

There is a simple Terminal command you can run that will, at least for the moment, fix the problem. Try the following.

Open your terminal program and enter the following command. You will need to enter the administrator or root password when prompted.

sudo SystemStarter start Qmaster

Then for good measure, run this command as well.

sudo qmasterprefs -reset

The first command restarts Qmaster, and the second deletes the pref file.

If you have compressor open, close it and reopen. With just a little bit of luck, when you try to submit again you’ll see everything back to normal.


In my experience, this fix is temporary. It may work or the rest of the day or even several days, but the problem eventually comes back. If you know of a more perminant fix that doesn’t involve reformatting the drive and reinstalling everything, let me know.

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