Compressor Cluster Submit Problems, and Solution

When Compressor (part of FCP Studio) works, it works well. And when it doesn’t, it can be a really pain and waste of time trying to get things working again. For me it’s a true love/hate relationship.

Have you ever went to submit your batch compression only to find that you don’t have the option to submit it to anything?


When you try to click on the cluster as shown above, you don’t have the option to select the default “This Computer”, or anything else for that matter. If you just try to submit it anyway, you’ll get an error telling you to re-install Compressor. But don’t (at least not yet).

There is a simple Terminal command you can run that will, at least for the moment, fix the problem. Try the following.

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Video_TS Folder Tip, Follow up Demo

Since this tip appeared on the Digital Production Buzz podcast, there have been a few emails asking for more details, and a few people reporting that they can’t get it to work. To help iron out the details and hopefully solve some of the problems I have posted this quick screencast to demonstrate how it works. If you continue to have problems (or figure out a way to import the audio as well) please email me. Video after the jump.

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Flash Encoding: VBR or CBR? It depends.


It’s been a few years now since the battle over which video format would dominate the web. It’s hard to argue that over the last few years Flash is by far the clear winner. From entertainment sites like YouTube to news organizations like CNN, when you watch video changes are it’s Flash encoded.

I would argue that as far as quality, bit rates and file sizes go, Flash is not the best choice out there. But its cross platform ubiquity is unquestionable.

This post is not going to get into all of the ins and outs of Flash, but I want to discuss one point. VBR (variable bit rate) and CBR (constant bit rate) encoding.

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Edit DVD Files Directly in Final Cut Pro

Video TS

My friend Mike told me this was possible, but I didn’t believe it until I tried it myself.

We all know that FCP Studio 2 has that fancy Multi-Format timeline, allowing you to mix and match various codecs, frame sizes and frame rates. But did you realize that you can drag and drop a video TS folder directly into the timeline and actually play the video?

You can also drag and drop it into the browser window, and although you will get an error saying that the files were not recognized, you’ll end up with a folder with all of the .vob files. From there you can load them into the viewer and edit with them. Even the DVD menu items are available.

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